Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Wrap Up: Winter is Coming

Just kidding, it's absolutely already here.

Photo credit: TG

Last week featured more of the same: cold, wet weather that required some indoor running.  

My shorts, and my icy view from the hotel treadmill in Chicago

It also featured some staying out until nearly 4am, which meant a few easy miles were not exactly completed... But in the final days of my 20s, I'm more proud of being able to stay out until close than I would be of running those extra miles.

Number of Miles Run Last Week: 33.  Oops?  All the important stuff was accomplished - a 16 miler along the Lake Front Trail, plus a GMP run on the hotel treadmill - along with a couple days of easy running.  And a couple days of zero running but much fun-having.

Number of Beers Consumed Last Week: Infinity.  It takes an awful lot of beers, and one Irish coffee, to keep me up past my bedtime.

Types of Beers Consumed: As usual, I tried to drink beers in Chicago that I can't get my hands on in New York: Off Color's Scurry, Bell's Kalamazoo Stout, New Holland's Dragon's Milk Imperial Stout (which I just realized is 10% ABV, and which I had to kill time before a dinner meeting, which is aggressive...), Firestone Walker's Pale 31, Two Brothers' Outlaw IPA. I also drank about 90 Bud Lights, a few Smuttynose Old Brown Dogs, Lagunitas' A Little Sumpin' Sumpin', and a Sixpoint Sweet Action.

This week has already featured one winter storm, which sent me to the treadmill with my tail between my legs.  This morning, I braved the Park for a fairly sloppy and icy 8 miler, since that might be the only outdoor run I'll see this week.  Another 4-8 inches are predicted overnight, along with a half inch of ice, which is calling up previously repressed memories of the time I broke my tailbone in college and had to sit on a donut (read: hemorrhoid) pillow in the library during finals for all of Colby to see.  Thank god for the gym, or at least for my trail running shoes, or if all else fails, for alcohol.

(P.S. Speaking of the need for alcohol, I'm turning 30 on Friday.  So, there's that...)


  1. Happy 30th! Ha-ha and yes I give you more credit for staying out till close then running in the morning! Have fun celebrating 30!!!

    PS this snow sucks.