Friday, January 31, 2014

On the Run: Chicago

Greetings from the Midwest!  As you might have heard, it's cold here.

But cold or no, I had a 16 miler to run this week, and with a snowstorm expected to hit tomorrow, and the hotel fitness center thermometer locked at 300 degrees, I decided to brave the great outdoors and run long today.  At first, this proved difficult.

Normally, that white stuff is a combination of concrete and lake.  Today it was neither, which made the first (and last, since I ran an out-and-back route) 2 miles of my run somewhat treacherous.  Eventually, however, I reached a long stretch of the Lakefront Trail that was free of snow and ice (and most other people), and I was able to run 16 miles without fearing for my life.

(Except for the part where I accidentally ran a little too far South, where the trail borders the real murdery parts of Chicago.  Don't worry Mom; it was daytime and I'm fast).

After my run, I had only enough time for a quick shower before I had to head to a lunch meeting with clients, all of whom were then exposed to post-long run hunger.  You weren't going to eat that bread/French fry/porterhouse steak, were you?  Great, thanks.

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  1. Nice. Real murdery parts of Chicago. Ahh to hear lovely things about my hometown. lol. Glad it worked out for you!