Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How Important is an IT Band, Really?

Remember earlier this month when I regaled you all with tales about my youth, when I was growing at such a rapid rate that I had difficulty gauging where my various body parts were in relation to the objects around them?  And how this resulted in skinned knees and wet feet and concussions?  I guess old habits die hard.

(I tried numerous times to take an actual photo of my bruise, but couldn't really do it justice without taking my pants off, and this isn't that kind of blog.  The depiction above it quite accurate, however, except I don't usually wear short shorts in January, and also I don't know why MS Paint makes my clothes look like they're showing colorful x-rays of my body.)

Over the weekend, I was walking towards my apartment and not really paying attention to where I was going.  I was sober, for the record.  In any event, I veered too close to some scaffolding erected on my block (it's not newly erected either; I full well knew it was there) and one of the nuts holding the thing together impaled me just south of the hip bone, right in the IT band.  It hurt so badly at the time, I thought for a split second I might throw up.  That said, it also enabled me to use "erect," "nuts," and "bone" all in one paragraph, so perhaps not all is lost.

Luckily it hasn't had any negative implications on my running, except that I can't apply direct pressure, so foam rolling is out.  Not that I ever bother to do that anyway.  Now if only I can injure myself so as to make core work impossible, I'll be set.


  1. This just begs for a comment with the bruise, the location, and the cause, but no, must resist...

  2. i've heard some (hardcore) runners just get their IT bands removed. on my darkest of days i actually debate it.