Friday, September 30, 2011

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Cold Beers

My managing director (and fellow marathoner) sent an email to my group this afternoon:

Our super runner Claire is competing in her 12th marathon on Sunday! Please join me in wishing her luck and a lot of beer at the finish line. Good luck Claire!

I responded in kind:

The only reason I keep running them is because they don’t put the beer at the starting line.

Flippant?  Yes. True?  Possibly.

In any case, my short shorts are packed. My Garmin is charged. My homepage is set to’s Hampton, NH weekend forecast. My carb reserves are topped off (that actually has less to do with the race than the fact that I love breadthings). By all indications, I’m ready for the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon.  So without further ado, the goals:

A+ Goal: 3:29:59.  Sub 3:30 eluded me in Boston (to be precise, it got away from me as I passed through Newton) and now it's The One That Got Away.  3:30 is the pace bracelet I'll be wearing on Sunday, and if I come in even one second under 3:30, I would be very, very happy. 

A Goal: 3:30:XX.  There's not a whole lot of difference between my A and my A+ goals, eh?  That's a little nerve-wracking... 

B Goal: Sub 3:33:40.  I picked this race because it's reputed to be a fast course (and, duh, because of the beer).  I feel a little greedy looking for another marathon PR this year, but... I'm looking for another marathon PR this year.

C Goal: Sub 3:48.  I ran a 3:48 on a hilly San Francisco course in July, stopping to take photos, drink a beer, fall down, and bleed on things.  Not in that order.  Barring crippling injury (and we can't rule out the possibility of another mid-marathon dive...), there's no reason I shouldn't be able to run as fast (using "fast" in the relative, not absolute, sense here) on Sunday.

D Goal: Don't shit self.  I'm on an 11-marathon self-defecation-free streak.  I'm hoping not to break it.

Coach Taylor, bring us home:

See you in the beer tent.


  1. Cannot think of anything clever to say at the moment...I have a beverage in hand as I type with the other.... Good luck, Claire!

  2. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose! Good luck!

  3. These are all excellent goals. Goal D is one I use not just in races but in life in general. On a more serious note I have wanted to do this Smuttynose Marathon as I enjoy their ale, and running evidently. I have no doubt you will do the Runner Army proud and KILL IT! I better hear you scream 'Battle Stations' from here!

  4. De-lurking to say that I think I saw you at packet pick up today! (im running the half) I didn't want to be creepy and be all "hey I read your blog and never comment." :) good luck tommorow!